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About Us

The Chicago Latina Expo is a national platform produced by Imagen Marketing Consultants, a Chicago based multicultural marketing agency specializing in experiential and activation. The nLatina Expo platform is an extension of the Dia De La Mujer Latina Organization and will be held in multiple cities throughout the United States.

Dia De La Mujer Latina is a national non for profit organization whose mission  is to promote healthy behaviors within the underserved Latino community by providing a culturally and linguistically proficient education, facilitating early detection screening, culturally preventative care interventions and promoting wellness resource information. We do this through our promotores/community health workers training and our patient navigation services.

Our Crazy Skills

2.2 milion Latinos in Chicago
Hispanic Household income 73K
Hispanic Medium Age 30.1
Non Hispanic 43.4
Chicago Latino Population Increase 47%







A Note from the Producer

President – Imagen Marketing Consultants
Cesar Rolon

Latinos are the second-largest ethnic group in the city of Chicago and Latinas are on the rise more than ever before. They are contributors to the educational, economic, and cultural well-being of not only their own ethnicity, but of American society and the consumer marketplace. This rise of Latinas is driven both by strong demographics and a healthy inclination to embrace and retain their Hispanic culture even as they make significant strides toward success in mainstream America.

Latinas are outpacing Latino males in their educational pursuits and career development, are overwhelmingly the decision-makers in household spending, have surpassed the proportion of non-Hispanic white families with children, and through their youth and increased incomes have become an attractive consumer segment who is being actively courted by marketers.

Latinas as heads of their households, place an emphasis on health and wellness for the entire family and that starts at a personal level. Latinas take great care to ensure they are always looking their best, which is evidenced by their increased purchasing in the beauty category. Latinas spend four percent more than non-Hispanic white women in the beauty supply stores and, across all age groups, spend more on a variety of product categories in this channel, including cosmetics, deodorant, women’s fragrances and hair care than non-Hispanic white women.

It is evident that Latinas are developing their own strides, opening up their own businesses and climbing up the corporate ladder, but more has to done for corporations and marketers to recognize the value and spending power Latinas have and will continue to achieve.

The Chicago Latina Expo is co-produced the organization Dia De La Mujer Latina organization, a national non­for-profit organization dedicated to eliminating health disparities within the Latino community in 39 states, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.